Samosa Folding Machine

Samosa Folding Machine

At food processing industries and other food courts, snacks are prepared using semi automated machinery, one of these is samosa folding machine. Samosa folding machine, as the name implies, is a machine that folds samosa and seals it. Samosa is an Indian snack, consumed during tea time. In traditional samosa, the flat bread is made of maida and the filling is of mashed and spiced potatoes. This 9 ft x 1 ft x 2.75 ft ((L x B x H) ASMM-2000 machine has a mild steel structure and 9 sets of SS 304 food grade dies. It can handle almost all types and consistencies of doughs and fillings. It folds a samosa of fixed size- 115 mm and operates either manually or electrically. All the samosas folded using this machine are deep fried in vegetable oil. If samosas are the specialty of your food stall or restaurant, install this machine to eliminate the need of 8-10 workers.

Model No.: ASMM-2000


  • No. of Die's: 9
  • Samosa Size : 115 mm
  • Structure: Mild Steel
  • Die : SS 304 Food Grade - 9 Set
  • Operation : Both Electrical & Manual
  • Machine Dimensions (L x B x H) - 9 ft x 1 ft x 2.75 ft