Rotary Cooking Table

Rotary Cooking Table

Rotary cooking table is one of the essential machinery for making chapathi. It is incorporated with chapati ball making machine and chapati ball pressing machine in food processing industry. The dough is also prepared in a machine, which is then fed into ball making machine. The dough balls are then pressed and finally enters into a rotary cooking table via a conveyor. The pressed, uncooked chapathi undergoes three stages of three rotating table stages. It is fed from the top and slides through the three plates heated at high temperature. By the time chapathi reaches the final stage, it gets completely cooked. The frame of the machine is ms powder coated and plates are food grade PTFE coated. The machine has control panel along with VFD and temperature indicators. It runs at variable speed through a 0.5 HP, 3 Ph geared motor attached, which consumes 1.0 HP, 1 Ph power.

Model No : RCT- 31200
    • Table Stages - 3 Stages
    • Food Grade PTFE Coated Plates& MS
    • Powder Coated Frame
    • Control Panel with VFD, Temperature
    • Indicators incorporated
    • Motor : 0.5 HP, 3 Ph Geared
    • Speed : Variable
    • Power : 1.0 HP, 1 Ph


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