Mysore Pak Making Machine

Mysore Pak is a South Indian sweet dish, prepared in ghee using ingredients like, gram flour, cardamom and sugar. As name implies, its origin lies in Mysore. Mysore Pak means Mysore's sweet. It was made by Kakasura Madappa- a cook in Mysore Palace. Due to its taste and richness, this sweet became popular. Now, you can find this sweet in any festival, wedding or any precious occasions of South India. Many sweet factories and food industries have installed mysore pak making machine in their plants. Wisdom Automations is a Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India based company that provides mysore pak making machine, that is easy to install and operate. The buyers can enjoy the experience of making mysore pak quickly and in large quantity in a day. The stainless steel structure, control panel and capacity are few factors that make this machine highly demanded in the food industry worldwide.